It’ll be a weekend to ride, meet new snowmobiling enthusiasts and experience new and exciting trails and adventures throughout a region known as the Acadia of the Lands and Forest.

Denise Duperre

A legacy that was established to recognized a people without borders started in 2014 with the World Acadian Congress which is held every 5 years to recognize the Acadian heritage of those whose ancestors were exiled during the British invasion of Nova Scotia and surrounding areas Known as Le Grand Derangement. British soldiers displaced and separated families, putting them on English ships for destinations such as Louisiana, Georgia and foreign lands.

L’Acadie des terres et foret (Acadia of the Lands and Forest) is known for it’s picturesque scenery of rolling hills and scenic river valley, its Acadian heritage and culture. Acadia encompasses and area of common history and origin in northern Maine (Aroostook County), western New Brunswick (Madawaska County) and eastern Quebec (Temiscouta Region). To continue the legacy set forth by the CMA2014, the organizing body decided to bring back a once popular event that allowed snowmobilers to come and go between New Brunswick and Maine during a reciprocity weekend that both governments’ had established some 20+ years ago. Working with the snowmobile federations of New Brunswick and Quebec, and the snowmobile association of Maine, it was decided late in 2016 to revive a once popular winter event.
The entire festival revolves around registration of snowmobilers for the ISF17 Passport which for a low fee pre-screens their border crossing credentials; free access to snowmobiling trails during the festival weekend of January 20, 21, 22; entry into the major sponsored events, eligibility for $10,000+ prize drawings and more!


The event has over 1000+ miles of trail access and snowmobiler’s will be able to go where they wish during the weekend. Friday is open to Maine and New Brunswick only. Saturday and Sunday is open to Maine, NB & Quebec. Both Canadian provinces require you get their federation’s free trail pass printed and in your possession during the weekend. You can find those free trail passes here: New Brunswick   and Quebec’s


So if you’ve ever wanted to ride ‘The County’ and be able to venture into Canada which is literally a stones through across the St. John River from Hamlin up to St. Francis…come on up, we are open for business!
For more information you can go to the St. John Valley Chamber of Commerce website; the Madawaska Snowmobile Club and the Northern Maine Snowmobiling Facebook pages, as well as the festival site listed above.


Happy trails….and LET IT SNOW!

Denise Duperre

About Denise Duperre

Denise is an avid snowmobiling enthusiast and her passion for riding both on and off trail allows her to meet snowmobilers from far and near; share adventures and point them to well keep secrets tucked away up in snow country. An Aroostook County native, and a dual citizen, Denise rides both sides of the river that separates the US and Canada way up north in Aroostook called the St. John River Valley…where ITS 81 and ITS 83 connect to over 2,300+ miles of pristine snowmobiling . Ride along with this Valley Diva as she shares her adventures on… IS IT SNOWING YET?