My Church

Politics and Religion. When you hear those two words a few thoughts come to mind, and then most of us cringe.
I love SNOW…in case you already haven’t figured that out, and it is my Religion.
Set aside all of your convictions, judgments and critical thinking, and just enjoy the story and my journey.

I’m a middle aged woman and I’d like to think I still have a hint of youth in my appearance; that I am a great mother, grandmother, an amazing lover and the best friend every individual longs to experience at least once in their lifetime. All of the positive thoughts that an individual can think of about themselves is most often over weighed by the negative ones. We are our own worse critic and man are we tough on ourselves.
We’re old, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not successful enough, not good enough, and we just ruined the best friendship we probably will ever experience or have, because well, we’re human and we mess up…a lot!
Hang on…I’m getting to the point.

Denise Duperre

When a new year rolls around, we tend to make resolve for past mistakes such as: I need to loose weight instead of I will live a healthier lifestyle. I will stop doing this or that, instead of I will strive everyday to be a better person; I will try to do more instead of I will wake up everyday and say thank you and be grateful for this life.


Welcome to my Church…where I regularly go to escape the reality of failure, readjust and reset and come back home, tired, but refreshed; sore, but renewed. It’s a bit hard to explain unless you’ve been there yourself and can completely relate, but let me try to put it into prospective.

No matter your sport or favorite pastime, here I’ll refer to my love of snowmobiling, that is where you will find that you are capable, blessed and fortunate, and well…at peace.

I put on that helmet, and envelope myself in a sea of warmth and I climb aboard a power that is totally in my control (most times) and aside from the hum of the motor, the vibration beneath my boots and the smell of two-stroke cologne…I am at one with myself and my creator. This is my Church!


In this space I transform my thoughts and give it up. I release all of the emotional and stressful baggage of the day or the week and like ribbons of newly groomed trail, there lies a fresh sheet of paper to begin a new chapter. This is my Church!


Often times I’m lost in thought, and the beauty of the moment reassures me that all will be well and I am capable of moving forward. Sometimes, I’m upset, annoyed, angry and in this space I can yell at the top of my lungs, release the bonds that keep me captive; and just know that I’ve been heard.

In this space there is the freedom of an innocent child like behavior where I’m allowed to squeal with joy and cheer myself on (this happens when I master a new ability on my snowmobile or get through an obstacle I didn’t think I was capable of because the only thing holding me back was fear).  Sometimes I pray that the route I’ve chosen safely leads me back home. This is my Church.


My point…find your Church! It is your place to release, reset and move forward. The path (or a snowmobile trail in my case), may not always be laid out in front of you, so trust your inner voice and experience what complete trust in a higher power is and the ability to map out new outcomes.

No  matter how, no matter where…prayer and reconciliation comes in many styles. This is my Church!

Peace in the New Year!

Denise Duperre

About Denise Duperre

Denise is an avid snowmobiling enthusiast and her passion for riding both on and off trail allows her to meet snowmobilers from far and near; share adventures and point them to well keep secrets tucked away up in snow country. An Aroostook County native, and a dual citizen, Denise rides both sides of the river that separates the US and Canada way up north in Aroostook called the St. John River Valley…where ITS 81 and ITS 83 connect to over 2,300+ miles of pristine snowmobiling . Ride along with this Valley Diva as she shares her adventures on… IS IT SNOWING YET?