Yes! Yes it is.

Yes! Yes it is! What a glorious view to wake up to and as my Facebook feed floods with reports of dedicated, hardcore snowmobiling friends who are heading for higher elevations in neighboring areas to experience there first thrill, their first smells of the sport and hopefully find a cure for that throttle twitch, I can’t help but smile.  I’m envious as I hurry to finish up my holiday shopping (got to grab those hot sled gear specials as they come by); decorating the house, baking up a storm of holiday treats and cranks up the holiday tunes on XM.


Did I mention how much I love this time of the year? My favorite color…WHITE! Ok, technically it really isn’t a color but it’s the color of glory, hope and winter! My favorite smells remind me even more of why I love snow…comforting smells of the holidays cooking in grandma’s kitchen are reintroduced now to my brood; of that fresh pine tree hauled into the living room to be adorned with bright lights of the season; and the first smell of that 2-stroke cologne!

But all of this beauty comes with a price…and I’m not talking about shoveling, heating our homes and all that good stuff…I’m talking about hundreds of hours of dedicated men and women who have a passion for what the white stuff brings, who get ready and work hard and without compensation for those many months of getting those super highways for sledding and majestic snowy paths for snowshoeing or skiing, ready for those of us who have an addiction to white powder.

One of the many issues that arise throughout the summer and fall months, and into the frozen season has to do with little fur critters who are so busy getting ready for winter themselves, that they don’t realize the havoc and headaches they cause us, as we struggle to find a balance for us and for them. Busy beavers are probably the hardest working critter in the animal kingdom, and man have they been busy this year!


While many of you may be getting your snowmobiles out of hibernation, the Madawaska Snowmobile Club, in conjunction with the Frenchville ATV Club, has once again removed the beaver dam from the Airport bridge. Third time in the last month!!! Busy Beavers!!


There’s always plenty to do before the season gets underway. Volunteers are always needed throughout the season. Thanks to all the club volunteers throughout the northeast… and we thank our members who faithfully pay to be a member of a club, because membership monies goes a long way, especially in those small communities or those busy, high traffic areas.

Stay tuned and Let it Snow!

Denise Duperre

About Denise Duperre

Denise is an avid snowmobiling enthusiast and her passion for riding both on and off trail allows her to meet snowmobilers from far and near; share adventures and point them to well keep secrets tucked away up in snow country. An Aroostook County native, and a dual citizen, Denise rides both sides of the river that separates the US and Canada way up north in Aroostook called the St. John River Valley…where ITS 81 and ITS 83 connect to over 2,300+ miles of pristine snowmobiling . Ride along with this Valley Diva as she shares her adventures on… IS IT SNOWING YET?